Monday Night at Donn's Depot - Austin, Texas
Chris Gage performs every Monday night at Donn's Depot  1600 W. 5th St., Austin, Texas

A 20 year institution in Austin, Texas. 
Chris Gage at the grand piano in a club built with old boxcars, a train depot, and a red caboose for the lady's room. 

You never know what's going to happen.  Guests have included Rusty Wier, Peter Rowan, Jerry Jeff Walker, Kenny Edwards, Louis Ortega, Jake Langley, Jon Emery, Waylon Payne, Slaid Cleaves, Marcia Ball,  Christine Albert, Troupe Gammage, Jon Emery, Seth Walker, Buzz Evans, Ephraim Owen, Earl Poole Ball, Olivier Giraud, Justin David, Walt Wilkins, Bill Small, Johnny Gringo, Women in Docs, Ray Bonneville, Cowboy Johnson, Michael Austin, Gurf Morlix, Abi Tapia, Nancy Scott, The Flyin' A's, Danny Britt, Jeffrye Tveraas,  Steve Carter, Mo Monsarat, Erik Moll, Kevin Johnson, Frank Meyer, Kira Small, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, Donn Adelman, Larry Seyer and many others. Scroll down for a visual tour of Monday Night at Donn's Depot.
All photos by Winker (with an eye) unless otherwise noted. Thanks, pal.   CG

your host, Chris Gage

Winker's self portrait in the mirror at the bar.

your bartender, Michelle

Monday night guests and regulars:

Jerry Jeff Walker

Christine Albert

Troupe Gammage (SPEAK)

Slaid Cleaves

Brian Langlinais

Erik James and Kelly Howe

Louis Ortega

Patty Finney

Steve Bernstein

Michael Austin

Rex Foster

Big Edd

Oren Oubre

Craig Marshall

Thad Beckman

Jeff Tveraas

Jon Ims

Jody Mills

Sudie Campbell (Queen Mother)

Jon Emery

Bill Small

The Flyin' A's

Big Wide Grin

Crystal Plamondon, John Cronin, Dale Simpson

Joey and Nick from SPEAK

Chris Gage, Troupe Gammage and SPEAK

Baskery (Sweden)

Jimmy Ruggiere

Sarah McQuaid

Beth Galiger

Chip Dolan

Jim and Linda Cannon

Kent Louis Cowboy Johnson

Abi Tapia

Michele Beebe

David Allen

Betty Soo

Waylon Payne

Matt Smith

Martin, Pam and Winker

The view from the bar

Michelle and hubby Justin

 The Rhythm Angels

Chris Gage, Steve Carter and Christine Albert

Kira Small - Chris Gage - Bill Small

Carrie Rodriguez - Christine Albert
Carrie's mom had just gotten married on the dance floor!

Bill Small - Sam Baker

Marcia Ball - Sarah Elizabeth Campbell - Chris Gage

Alison Downey

Michael Spears

David Roach

David Halley

Tony Airoldi

Troy Wells

Danny Britt

Craig Calvert

David Scher

Chris Gage and Pam Golightly

Chris Gage and Sayra Elizabeth Campbell

Marcia Ball, Chris Gage, Michael Austin

Chris Gage - David Roach - Jeff Tveraas - Marcia Ball - Sarah Elizabeth Campbell

Chris Gage and Jon Emery

Nancy Scott

Ed Patterson

Bob Cheevers

Bruce Balmer

Bo Porter

Austin Mayse

David Murray

Elizabeth Wills

Erik Moll

Kevin Taylor

Johnny Gringo and Walt Wilkins

Jeff Berkely, Barbara Nesbitt, Phil Hurley

Chris, Mike Jackson and Craig Calvert (Thursday)

Kenny Luna - Chris Gage

Tim Lorsch

Frank Meyers

Jackie Bristow

Johnny Greenberg

Buzz Evans

Katie Holmes

Donna Frost

Casey Gage

George Macias

Chris Gage, Tony Airoldi, Richard Bowden

Marina Jenkins
(photo by J. Tveraas)

Kenny Edwards (r.i.p)
(photo by J. Tveraas)

Olivier Giraud and Katie Holmes
(photo by J. Tveraas)

Robert Chevrier

Zak Hruska

Jeff Berkeley

Kristen DeWitt

Len Haus

Lissa Hattersley

Marc Black

Mary Fagan

Michael Lillie

Olivier Giraud

Paul Leeman

Phil Hurley

Randy Seybold

Paula Held

Rio King

Rita Hosking

Steve Brooks

Steve Carter

Theresa Scorch
Wyatt Easterling

Chris Gage, John William Davis and Sean Kelly

Chris Gage - Justin David (Nashville Star finalist)

Jenny Reynolds

Amanda and Marcy

Bob Livingston

You just never know...these are Dutch can-can dancers on tour from the Netherlands.  Go figure.  They were actually quite well received by the crowd at the Depot.

Thanks to Biggi and Anya. 

Rusty Wier
joined Chris semi-regularly for a shot of tequila and some of his finest casual performances ever.  Rusty could bring the loudest bar crowd to watch and pay attention, it's quite amazing.  Rusty is probably best known for writing "Don't It Make You Want To Dance", a big hit for Bonnie Raitt.  Rusty says "You ought to hear that sucker in Japanese". Rest in peace, dear friend. 

Chris Gage with Tony Shaloub.
Tony was in for the music with his lovely wife Brooke Adams.  Thanks, Chan, you have amazing friends.   It was fun for me, Tony and Brooke were sitting right at the chairs around the piano, and I could see everyone in the place whispering "isn't that Monk????"  Yes, it is, but I still love watching his head explode in "Men in Black".

Peter Rowan graced us with a 40 minute set a couple of years ago. From reggae to blues to country, we jammed, had a couple laughs, and were joined by Steve Carter and Erik Moll on some killer vocals.

The resident Cosmic Cowboy photographer,
Don "Winker" Emmons
More of Winker's photos can be seen at

Chris Gage and Christine Albert at the piano. 
Photo by Todd V. Wolfson
for the Austin Chronicle.

Donn's Depot (and Albert and Gage)
on the cover of the Austin Chronicle. 
Photo by Todd V. Wolfson

Read: A Train of Love by Christine Albert (Austin Chronicle) 

"Every Wednesday night for the last five years I've hauled my guitar to Donn's Depot on West Fifth Street and pulled up a stool next to my partner in music and life, Chris Gage. On Jan. 28, we take our last weekly ride at the Depot; beginning in February, we shift to once a month (the first Wednesday). As all Austin musicians with a weekly gig know......"    read the entire article here

From the Austin American Statesman
December 2010:

Nobody puts Chris Gage in a box.

Acoustic, electric, baritone, slide and lap steel guitar, mandolin, organ, piano and vocals — the studio ace has mastered them all. He's been a sideman to Jerry Jeff Walker, Roy Clark and Jimmie Dale Gilmore. He's gigged in the Soviet Union and the Royal Albert Hall. He's played on the television programs of three "Tonight Show" hosts — Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien.

And once a week, for roughly the past 15 years, he's sat down at a piano in the neighborhood joint Donn's Depot to play a mix of covers and originals, with special guests ranging from Troupe Gammage of local pop outfit Speak to Carrie Rodriguez to wife and musical partner Christine Albert.

Though Gage shines all on his own, his voice crackling with just the right emotional intensity on a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," he also — ever the gentleman — heaps praise on everyone who comes by, from guest musicians to an older couple in the audience dancing the night away.

And before he packs it in for the night, he takes a shot at "Linus and Lucy," Vince Guaraldi's famed piano theme to "Peanuts." "This is kind of my sobriety test at the end of the night," chuckles Gage.

Perfect for: Music fans who pack the Cactus Café on a regular basis, who still buy CDs (or, better yet, records) and who like to keep mum when an artist is playing. In other words, people who go to listen to music to actually listen to music.

Everybody say "Hi, Winker!!"             (Winker:) "Hi, everybody!"

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