(Canon A-620 - a few scans from old Canon Sureshot)

I take pictures while on tour (or the rare vacation)...there's usually time between sound check and show time,
and that also happens to be a great time of day for light.  I like to capture moments, not poses. 
I hope you enjoy these samples.  CG

Laufen, Switzerland


Pierre, South Dakota (Missouri River railroad bridge)

Venice, Italy

South Dakota Sunflower

Santa Elena Canyon - Big Bend Nat'l Park, Texas

Tularosa, New Mexico

Sylvan Lake Chipmunk - South Dakota's Black Hills


Neuberg, Germany

Portuguese founding Mothers - Provincetown, Massachusetts

Neuberg, Germany

South Dakota

Venice, Italy

Hayes, South Dakota

Portrait of Pinto

Patch Bay Close Up

Prosciutto (Parma Hams) - Parma, Italy

Leningrad, USSR

Laguna Beach, California

San Diego, California

Nevada / California State Line

Moscow, USSR

Oceanside, California

Obing, Germany

Bern, Switzerland

Bietigheim, Germany

Hitchin, England

Moscow, USSR

Paul's Valley, Oklahoma

Cognac Lady

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