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Sharon Bourbonnais  - Party Party Dance Dance 
    Producer, engineer, guitar, accordion, keyboards

Candace Hastings  - Little Things 

Asleep at the Wheel  - Better Times  (EP)
    Piano on "All I'm Asking"

Luke Olson
    Piano on "I Can't Give Up My Train"

Rand McCullough
    Emailing keyboard tracks. Great album in progress

Rio King

Kyle Park
    Piano and B3

Lloyd Maines
    Keyboard overdubs

Corby Shaub
    Keyboard overdubs


Carmen Caroline - Forever Blue
   Piano and organ

Steve Crawford and Spider MacKenzie - Celticana
    Producer, engineer, keyboards, mandola, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen - Hold My Beer Vol. 2

The Flyin' A's - No Holds Barred
    Producer, engineer, electric guitar, keyboards

Kenny Putnam - Odd Numbers
    Producer, engineer, guitar, keyboards and lap steel

Tom Frost with Meaghan Solay - Now And Then

Jan Schiferl - Waving Of The Grass
   Piano on "San Antonio Rose"


Eliza Gilkyson - Secularia
    Engineer, harmony vocals

Phil Hurley - Nowhere to Run
    Recording engineer

Stryker Brothers (Robert Earl Keen and Randy Rogers) - Burn
    Piano, Wurlitzer, B3

Grouchy Like Riley - Grouchy Like Riley
    Recording and mix engineer, extra keyboards

Todd Hoke - Five Somewhat New Songs by Todd Hoke
    Recording, mix and mastering engineer, production assistance, bass, guitar, Hammond B3

Victoria Pennock - Seasons of Me
    Producer, engineer, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals


Jerry Jeff Walker - It's About Time
Co-     Producer, engineer, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, Hammond B3, accordion and background vocals

Tom Peterson - Black Hills Gold
    Producer, engineer, guitar, keyboards, lap steel, dobro, vocals

Emily Grace Berry - Gypsy Soul
    Producer, engineer, guitar, keyboards, mandolin

Emily Franklin - EP
    Recording engineer, keyboards

Scott George - Mysterious Ways
    Producer, engineer, keyboards, acoustic, electric and baritone guitars, mandolin, vocals

Beat Root Revival - UP (single for video)
    Recording and mix engineer, bass guitar

Rand McCullough - Kerrville
    Engineer, Hammond B3, piano, lap steel


The Flyin' A' - You Drive Me Crazy
    Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, dobro, lap steel, harmony vocals

Richard Paul Thomas - Salado
    Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, lap steel, vocals

Ricky Sprague AKA T-Ricky Spragoo
    Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards

Marina Rocks - Onward
    Recording and mix engineer, lap steel

Gringo Barrio - Adelita
    Recording and mix engineer, keyboards

Gary Taylor - Man Playing Guitar
    Recording and mix engineer

The Better Halves - Playing In The Dirt

Vance Lane - Moonlight, Whiskey and Rainbows
    Piano and Hammond B3

Vance Lane Night Life

Beat Root Revival
    Mandolin, banjo, dobro, overdub engineer

Mary Fagan - Honey To The Bee
    Recording engineer

Jordi Baizan - Like The First Time

Nouveaux Honkies - Loud In Here

Michael Shane Borden
    Co-Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards


Greg Whitfield - Welcome Home
    Piano, engineer on When You Smile At Me

Karl Werne - This Little Notebook
    Banjo, dobro, piano, Wurli, vocals, engineer

Suite Journey - Land Of My Tears
    Producer, engineer, acoustic guitar solo, canjo

Jimmy Ruggiere - Nicer Guy
    Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, dobro, background vocals

Patty Finney - Wanted
    Guitar, piano, B3

Susan Herndon - Vagabonde

Leeann Atherton - Barefoot Fields

Kiya Heartwood - Palo Duro
    Co-producer, recording engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin and vocals

An Unreal Dream - The Michael Morton Story (soundtrack album)
    Accordion with Jerry Jeff Walker


Ray Benson - A Little Piece

Kimberley Dunn - Forever On The Road
    Guitar, piano, Dobro

Roger Creager - Road Show

Keith Rea - Life's An Open Road
    Piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond B-3, recording engineer

Leigh Rowan - Pretty Fool
    Mandolin and dobro

Bob Cheevers - On Earth As It Is In Austin
    Guitar and recording engineer

Wheatfield - Big Texas Sky

Adler & Hearne - Second Nature


Bo Porter - Try It You'll Like It

Gary Nicholson - Texas Songbook

Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros - Wild Cat Pie and The Great Walapataya
    Extra keyboards

Brad Bailey - 8anjo

Amanda Pearcy - Royal Street

Russell Bartlett - Reel Time

Gringo Barrio - Gringo Barrio
    Co-producer, recording and mixing engineer, dobro, background vocals

Frank Cavitt Is The Honky Tonk Doctor In?
    Producer, recording and mixing engineer, acoustic guitar and background vocals

Sarah Reddick Smith - Fingernail Moon
    Producer, recording and mixing engineer, acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, piano, B3, bass, percussion, accordion and background vocals

Claude "Butch" Morgan - Dry
    Co-producer, recording and mixing engineer, electric, acoustic and baritone guitars, dobro, banjo, squeaky toy and harmony vocals

Carrington McDuffie - Only An Angel
    Recording and mixing engineer, mandolin, guitar, B3, accordion

Jaime Michaels - Unknown Blessings
    Accordion and harmony vocals


Michael Boesen - Song Train
    Co-producer, recording engineer, guitar and keyboards...Michael sadly passed just as this CD was released in Denmark

Connie Mims - Getting There
    Baldwin grand piano and Wurlitzer electric piano

Alyse Black - 'Night, Sweet Pea
    Piano and accordion

Todd Hoke - Southland
    Recording and mixing engineer, supplemental percussion, bass

The Gillette Brothers - Leaving Cheyenne
    Producer, recording and mixing engineer, dobro, acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, mandolin. Guy Gillette passed away in 2013. Rest in peace, compadre.

Aaron Watson - Real Good Time
    (#9 on the Billboard Hot 100 Country Chart) Piano

Richard Paul Thomas - Wings Of My Heart
    Producer, recording and mixing engineer, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, organ, accordion, percussion, background vocals

Bob Cheevers - Smoke and Mirrors
    Recording engineer, piano, organ, accordion


Freebo - Something To Believe

Jon Emery - A Thousand Sad Goodbyes

H2L Loagan and Lane
    Co-producer, engineer, guitars, mandolin, lap steel, keyboards, vocals

The Flyin' A's Bootleg Christmas EP
    Recording and mixing engineer, guitar, piano

Louis (Cowboy) Johnson - Old Friend
    Recording and mixing engineer, guitar, piano, organ, dobro, mandolin and vocals

Paramount/505 video game for Nintendo Wii
    Producer, engineer, guitars, lead and background vocals Lead vocals on Hound Dog;Rock Around The Clock and a duet with Mike Cross on Yakkety Yak

Best of Times Sara Hickman songs to benefit Theatre Action Project
    Albert and Gage track: Take Me With You Producer, vocals, guitar and keyboards

Hemifran Compilation More Music From Home
    Albert and Gage track: Calling me Home Producer, engineer, guitar, mandolin, bass, drums, vocals


Marty Muse - Before The Dawn

Casey Yeager - Strong and Sturdy
    Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, lap steel, mandolin, banjo and vocals

Lesli Wood - Larger Than Life
    Producer, engineer, guitar, piano, mandolin, vocals

Bob Livingston - Gypsy Alibi
    Engineer, mandolin, guitar, organ, piano, vocals. Chris Gage was named Texas Musician of the Year for his work on this recording

Susan Herndon - All Fall Down
    Overdub engineer, guitar, piano, accordion, organ

Bill Small - The Next Time
    Producer, engineer, guitars, piano, electric piano, organ, lap steel, Dobro, mandolin, accordion and backing vocals

The Mystiqueros - Agave

Roger West - Signs of Hope, Signs of Wonder

Brian Langlinais - Tonight I Might
    Electronic Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B-3, electric guitar

Paramount/505 video game for Nintendo Wii
    Backing vocals, random voices


Jerry Jeff Walker - Moon Child
    Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, lap steel, accordion and background vocals

Albert and Gage - Dakota Lullaby
    Producer, engineer, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, organ, mandolin and Dobro

Neal Katz - Be A Light   (Chanukah Songs for Grown-Ups)
    Accordion, accordion engineer

Davin James - Old Soul

Jody Mills - Another Cold Thursday
    Producer, engineer, guitars, lap steel, mandolin, accordion, electric piano and organ

Steve Brooks - Chasing Grace
    Producer, engineer, guitars, lap steel, mandolin, electric piano and organ

Brenda Jean Searcy - Joe Pye Weed
    Engineer, guitar, lap steel, piano, organ, accordion and background vocals

Jaime Michaels - Crooked
    Engineer (accordion, vocals only) accordion, background vocals


Erik Moll - Good to Go
    Lead guitar on Ready for Someone New

Rio King - I'd Love to See Texas Again
    Producer, engineer, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Abi Tapia - The Beauty in the Ruin
    Producer, engineer, guitars, Dobro, mandolin, electric piano and organ

Christine Albert - Paris, Texafrance
    Producer, engineer, guitar, piano and accordion

Marcia Ball - Peace, Love and Barbeque
    Background vocals

Aaron Watson - Angels and Outlaws

Lissa Hattersley - My Summer Vacation
    Engineer, guitars, piano, lap steel

The Children's Music Project - Heart Like a Flower - Hill Country Youth Ranch
    Engineer, piano

Mike Blakely - The Rarest of the Breed
    Acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, mandolin and piano

Austin Homegrown - Blue Skies and Green Grass
    Recording and mixing engineer, organ


Austin Mayse - Devil on my Shoulder
    Engineer, electric guitar

Josh Grider - Million Miles To Go
    Acoustic guitar, mandolin

Karen Mal - The Space Between
    Acoustic guitar, accordion and piano

Terry Allan Smith - My House
    Acoustic guitar, mandolin and Dobro

ShAnnie Water Over Stones
    Acoustic guitar, accordion

Wheatfield - Second Chances
    Mixing engineer

Wheatfield - Wheatfield
    Mixing engineer


Red Willow Band - Reunion
    Mixing and mastering engineer, guitar, piano and vocals

Sharon Bousquet - Temple
    Co-producer, engineer, guitar, and piano

Steve Carter - In Love Again
    Piano, guitar, accordion and background vocals

Lawrence J. Clark - Amazing
    Producer, engineer, guitars and keyboards

Mike Clifford - Heartbreak Grill and Bar
    Mixing engineer, piano


Eliza Gilkyson - Paradise Hotel
    Backing vocals on Man of God - fiddle engineer on Calm Before the Storm

Albert and Gage - Cry Love
    Producer, engineer, artist, vocals, guitars, keyboards, Dobro and accordion

Stuart Adamson - I've Got Lonesome
    Keyboards, accordion and electric slide guitar

Boyd Bristow - Cloudless Sky
    Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards and background vocals

Walburg Boys - Walburg Style
    Recording and mixing engineer

Mike Lankford and the Hole-In-The-Wall Band - Night Life Fast Cars
    Hammond B-3 organ and electric guitar


Abi Tapia One Foot Out The Door
    Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin and Dobro

Cowboy Johnson - A Grain of Sand
    Producer, engineer, guitars, Dobro, keyboards and background vocals

Michael Austin - Thick 'n Thin
    Producer, engineer, guitars, piano, organ and percussion

Bruce Jones - Flashpoint Sessions
    Electric, slide and baritone guitars, piano

Lawrence J. Clark - New Horizon
    Engineer, guitars, keyboards, background vocals

Frank Meyer - Dagnabit
    Arch-top electric Gibson guitar and background vocals


Todd Hoke - The Turning of the Wheel
    Co-producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin and Dobro

Christine Albert - TexaFrance-Encore!
    Producer, engineer, guitar, piano, accordion and husband

Karen Mal - Mercury's Wings
    Mixing engineer, guitar

Mike Clifford - All Night All Day
    Mixing engineer, piano

Danny Britt - The Other Side
    Acoustic guitar (track: Every Time an Angel Flies)

William James IV - Positively W. James St.
    Guitar and piano

James Allsup - Dream in Blue
    Co-producer, vocals (track: A Mandolin for Mary)

Kira Small - Wanderin' Star
    Piano, guitar and Hammond B-3

Murphy's In-Laws - Pass the Chicken Wine
    Engineer and keyboards

Scott Gibson - Make Ready
    Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and accordion

Garreth Broesche Trio - Garreth Broesche Trio
    Engineer, acoustic guitar


The Flatlanders - Now Again
Acoustic lead guitar (track: Down on Filbert's Rise)

Max Stalling - One of the Ways
    Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, accordion and background vocals

Allison Downey - Wind at Your Back
    Co-producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, accordion and background vocals

Billy Goerdt - Dance Across the Planet

Smokey Wilson - Texas Saturday Night
    Electric guitar and accordion


Albert and Gage - One More Christmas
    Producer, engineer, vocals, guitars, keyboards and accordion

Albert and Gage - Burnin' Moonlight
    Producer, engineer, vocals, guitars, piano

Jan Seides - Everyday People
    Recording engineer, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, organ and accordion

Jon Emery - V.I.P. The Leroy Preston Songbook
    Accordion (track: When Love Goes Wrong)

Stuart Adamson - Weekends Were Made For Living
    Electric guitar and piano

Alex Whitmore - Tale of the World
    Electric guitar, piano, keyboards, accordion and harmony vocals

Kerry Grombacher Sands Motel
    Electric guitar

Bill Oliver - Friend of the River
    Recording engineer, piano (one track, if I recall)

John Permenter - Roots
    Background vocals


Bill Small - Singin'
    Electric guitar and Hammond B-3 organ

Harris and Ryden - Here to Jackson
    Acoustic, baritone, electric and lead guitar, accordion

Scott Gibson Live Session
    Electric guitar, acoustic guitar and accordion

Russell Bartlett - Days on End
    Acoustic guitar, mandolin and background vocals

8 1/2 Souvenirs Twisted Desire (RCA)
    Co-producer, guitar, piano

Dub Miller - American Troubadour
    Electric guitar and accordion

Houston Marchman - Leaving Dallas
    Electric guitar

Kenny Putnam - Sure Beats Me
    Vocals and guitar

Beth Williams - Rockin' at the Barn Compilation (Sweden)
    Guitar, keyboards, programming

Joe Calvert - Lost in Austin Again
    Background vocals

William James IV - Love is the Power
    Lead guitar, accordion, piano and organ


The Nash Hernandez Orchestra - 1949-1999
    Electric guitar solo on Route 66

Bill Nash - Runs With Scissors

Paul Edward Sanchez - Yesterday's Clothes
    Electric guitar


Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Music from the motion picture Traveller (asylum)
    Guitar, piano (tracks: If You've Got the Money Honey and I'll Love You a Thousand Ways)

Albert and Gage - Jumpin' Tracks
    Co-producer, vocals, guitars, piano and organ

Max Stalling - Comfort in the Curves
    Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, accordion, mandolin, Dobro and harmony vocals

Jan Evans - Secret Song
    Guitars, keyboards

DeVillez - Tropicowboy
    Electric guitar

Guys in Hats - Guys in Hats
    Electric guitar

Don McCalister Jr. - Down in Texas
    Electric guitar

Laurie Marks - Selfish
    Piano (track: Guilty)


William James IV - Requiem for the Ninties
    Lead guitars

Beth Williams - One Easy Chair
    Lead guitar, background vocals

Bigga Rhythm - Blessed Man
    Background vocals


Bruce Robison - Austin Country Nights
    Electric guitar (track: Poor Man's Son)

Tracie Lynn - Is Anybody Listening?
    Assistant mixing engineer, electric and acoustic guitars, piano and background vocals

Russ Bartlett - One Hand On The Plow
    Nylon and steel string guitars, Dobro, mandolin


Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Willie Nelson (MCA) - Red, Hot and Country
    (track: Crazy) Producer, piano

Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Mudhoney (SubPop)
    Co-producer, engineer, guitar (track: Blinding Sun) Electric guitar (track: Buckskin Stallion Blues)


Arkey Blue - True Blue
    Acoustic rhythm guitar

Randy McCullough - Ten Circles
    Piano, background vocals (track: See You Through)


Tullamore Dew and Tulsa Too
    Guitar and keyboards

Red Willow Band - Note For Note
    Songwriter, vocals, guitars, piano

Red Willow Band - Red Willow Band
    Co-producer, vocals, guitars, piano and lap steel

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